Takeaway, hot food, cakes - and great coffee

Croft House Farm Café

Hot Drinks - Coffee



Flat white




Hot Drinks - Tea

A range of standard teas including decaffeinated.

Herbal teas

Usually we have one or two exotic teas as well

Hot Drinks - Reviving

Hot chocolate made with real chocolate and topped with cream and marshmallows

Butterbeer - a hot caramel fudge drink made with milk to our very own recipe

Cold drinks

Selection of cans

Fruit flavoured sparkling water selection

Still & Sparkling water


Butterbeer – Just as nice made as a milkshake - as nice cold as it is hot.

Fruit juices

Croft House Farm Café
Cold Food

Sandwiches etc.

Sandwich double

Sandwich triple


Demi Baguette

Choice of fillings

Lakeland ham

Lakeland ham and cheese

Cheese savoury

Applewood smoked cheese & red onion relish

Tuna mayo

Tuna mayo and cheese

A selection of sandwiches, Panini and baguettes are made fresh each morning. Please help yourself from the chiller and pay at the till.


All the sandwiches and panini are wrapped to be taken away or can be eaten in.

We also have a selection of chocolate bars and other sweets and cold drinks to keep you going on a long walk


We usually have a few specials, such a home made quiche, to add a bit of variety.

A salad is available to accompany your hot or cold food.

Croft House Farm Café
Hot Food

Soup - All day, until it runs out!

Soup of the day with half a baguette and butter.

Common soups are Tomato and Basil, or Leek and Potato

All made specially for us by a local chef.

Rolls - All day

Bacon Rolls - 3 slices of local bacon in a big floury roll

Sausage Rolls - Cumberland sausage in a big floury roll

Jacket Potatoes - Served from 12 midday to 4pm

Hot fillings


Beans & cheese


Vegetable stroganoff

Cold fillings


Cheese savoury

Smoked cheese & relish

Tuna mayo

Tuna mayo & cheese

There are always more food and drink choices on blackboards behind counter

Croft House Farm Café
Afternoon Tea

A selection of scones, jam and clotted cream or butter with a cup of tea or our great coffee

We also have daily cakes, shortbread, millionaire shortbread if scones aren’t for you.

Croft House Farm Café
Ice Cream

We sell the famous (at least around here)

   English Lakes Ice Cream

Despite the hype, this is made from local milk and is really very good with wonderful flavours like Thunder and Lightening (chocolate and honey crunch),  double chocolate and traditional vanilla.

Available in cones or tubs.

Croft House Farm Café
Shop Items

We also stock a basic range of items for walkers, campers and self caterers such as:

  1. -  maps and guides,

  2. -  bread, bacon and other basic food

  3. -  emergency cagoules, insect repellent etc.

  4. -  gifts such as biscuits, jam, chutney

  5. -  postcards etc